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PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE TRANSLATION & INTERPRETATION SERVICES GUARANTEED!Work with a highly skilled professional who can provide first class services in a timely and straightforward manner!
Business Scope: 

1. General items: legal documents translation, commercial contract and agreement translation, company introduction, product description, public bidding invitation for project, financial and economic analysis, accountant report, industrial and commercial administration, materials and documents for going abroad and literature writings, etc.
2. Scientific and technological documents: mechanism, automobile, electronics, computer, communication, aviation, chemical industry, petroleum, environment protection, architecture and medicine, etc.
We also provide: Sourcing Agent service (Sourcing Agent in China), conference services, exhibition service and other business services, business and investment invitation service, commercial contact service in China.

Translation Services:
English to Chinese translation, Japanese to Chinese translation, Korean to Chinese translation, Russian to Chinese translation, German to Chinese translation, French to Chinese translation, Italian to Chinese translation, Spanish to Chinese translation, Arabic to Chinese translation, Portuguese to Chinese translation, Swedish to Chinese translation, Turkish to Chinese translation, English-Chinese translation, Japanese-Chinese translation, Korean-Chinese translation, Russian-Chinese translation, German-Chinese translation, French-Chinese translation, Italian-Chinese translation, Spanish-Chinese translation, Arabic-Chinese translation, Portuguese-Chinese translation, Turkish-Chinese translation, Swedish-Chinese translation.

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